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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of this calculator is to provide approximate server capabilities, based on data entered. For instance, from the connection speed it will calculate the maximum number of viewers your server can handle. To allow for Internet peaks, a factor that can vary greatly, the calculator takes a 500% (default that is modifiable) overhead factor into the equation. There are several other factors that can possibly have an adverse effect on the performance of your server but this calculation will give a very close approximation. Our defaults are based on small business sites. Adjust the values to information for your site, then click on Calculate. All calculations are rounded to three places. You may do another by clicking on Clear Values.

Required Data Entry
Server Bandwidth Connection Kilobits (kb) Per Second
Site Pages Per Viewer Pages
Site Page Size Bytes
Internet Overhead Factor Percent

Calculated Results
Site Traffic Viewed Megabytes (MB) Per Day
Viewed Gigabytes (GB) Per Month
Site Viewers Viewers Per Second
Viewers Per Day
Viewers Per Month
Downloaded Pages Pages Per Second
Pages Per Day
Pages Per Month
Download Time Per Page Seconds
Simultaneous Viewers Viewers At 1 Page Per Minute
Updated 6.07.11

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