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Server Rack Unit Space Converter

This converter requires the use of JavaScript enabled and capable browsers. Use this calculator to determine how many vertical inches of space are required for a designated number of server rack units (U) for RME (Rack Mounted Equipment). The vertical inches are on the facial area of the server rack chassis. This has no bearing on width or depth of devices in the chassis. Each device inserted into a rack has a SRU or RMU number associated with it. The total number of SRUs in a chassis must be equal to or less than the capacity of the rack. The formula is:

Vertical Rack Inches = (xU) * 1.75

where x is a number designated, such as 4U, 8U or 16U

Required Data Entry
Server Rack Units U

Calculated Results
Vertical Rack Inches VRI
Updated 8.15.11

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