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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates the sales tax percentage of a given purchase amount and a given sales tax amount. It then displays the sales tax percentage and the total sales price, including tax. You (obviously) may change the default values if you desire. Enter the total amount that you wish to have calculated as the sales amount, in dollars and cents. In our example, that is $50.00 as the sales price. Then, enter in dollars and cents, the sales tax amount. In our example, that is $2.00 for the tax amount. For instance, if a shopping cart does a sales tax calculation for you based on your city, state and zip code, enter the tax amount that it displays. That entry might be something like $2.50 or something similar with dollars and cents. Then click on Calculate and the result should be YOUR local sales tax percentage and the total of the sales price and the sales tax amount. An example of the sales tax percentage might be something like this... If your sales tax has been designated as as 7.75% (7.75 percent), it can be written as .0775; we would show it as 7.75 in the Sales Tax Percentage field. If you need to calculate the sales tax amount and you know the sales amount and the sales tax rate or percentage, use our Sales Tax Calculator And De-Calculator. You can use the same page to calculate the appropriate sales tax in a transaction that includes tax.

Required Data Entry
Sales Price
Reported Sales Tax

Calculated Results
Sales Tax Percentage
Total Sales Price
Updated: 8/12/11
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