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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates the sales square footage needed for a typical retail business for a particular type of product. This is not a decision you should have to make regularly in a business but might be reviewed every few years or even annually. The formula is gross sales for the period / typical sales per square foot amount that is for your type of business.

Enter the gross sales amount in dollars and cents; enter the sales per square foot amount for the same period. (That figure is usually one tracked by trade industry monitors, trade associations and trade show publishers.) Click the Calculate button; read the (average) retail sales square footage required. You may click on Clear Values and do another. You MAY enter a decimal for figures. Do not enter commas or a dollar sign (, or $). Our test example yields 1875 square feet needed in a small retail business. That amount is RETAIL space and not inventory, offices or other usage.

Space Needed Calculator

Retail Sales Space Needed Calculator
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Updated: 7/26/11

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