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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script calculates the sales per employee for a given period of time, generally a month; however, it could be by quarters or years. This is an important trend reading calculator that is a must for businesses that survive; it can be the deciding factor as to when to hire new staff or lay staff off. While it would be nice to have constant positive changes in sales trends, it is not always the case. If monitored monthly, the generally accepted figure is 3 negatives in a row should be a wake-up call. There are exceptions to that rule such as in a tourist area that is generally six months on and six months off. The formula is gross sales for the period / number of employees.

Enter the gross sales amount in dollars and cents; enter the number of employees for the same period. Click the Calculate button; read the (average) sales per employee. You may click on Clear Values and do another. You MAY enter a decimal for figures. Do not enter commas or a dollar sign (, or $). Our test example yields $4726.25 per employee in a small retail business.

Retail Sales Per Employee Calculator
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Sales Per Employee

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