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These tables are presented as information for the most widely used and popular alternatives to floppy disk technology. The first group is compatible with the standard 1.44MB diskette in that it can read it and write to it. The native media is larger and is NOT compatible between the different devices. The second group is that of larger removable technology associated with the IBM PC compatible computers. The information here is not intended to show all manufacturers, drives, computers, schemes or devices that were available to the technology sector in general. You may also wish to see our Floppy Disk Information. You may click on the links in the information to go to the manufacturer's site.

Large Capacity Diskettes
These drives READ & WRITE regular 720KB & 1.44MB diskettes!
  Imation's 120MB
LS-120 SuperDisk
Maxell's 120MB
LS-120 SuperDisk
Sony's 200MB
* HiFD *
RPM 720 720 3600
Media Formulation Metal particle Metal particle Metal particle
Heads 2 2 2
Tracks 1736 1736 3482
Tracks per Inch 2490 2490 2822
Sectors per Track 51/92 51/92  
Bytes per Sector 512 512 512
Formatted Bytes 125829120 125829120 209715200
The different companies use different technical standards, so their native Disks are NOT interchangeable!

Large Capacity Removable Disks
Models Zip SuperDisk HiFD EZFlyer Zip Sparq SyJet Jaz ORB
Companies Iomega Imation
Sony Mitsubishi
SyQuest Iomega SyQuest SyQuest Iomega
Capacity 100 MB 120 MB 200 MB 230 MB 250 MB 1.0 GB 1.5 GB 2.0 GB 2.2 GB
Popularity ****** **     **** ** * *** *
Transfer Rate MBps 1.40 0.12 3.6 1.8 2.4 3.7-6.9 5.6 5.4 12.2
Seek Time 29 ms 29 ms 49 ms 13.5 ms 29 ms 12 ms 12 ms 10 ms 10 ms
Buffer Size 32 KB 10 KB   32 KB 32 KB 512 KB 512 KB 256 KB  
RPM 2945 720 3600 5400 2941 5400 5400 5394 5400
R/W 1.44MB No Yes Yes No No No No No No
EIDE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Parallel SCSI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
PCMCIA Yes Yes   No Yes No No Yes No
Fast SCSI II Yes     Yes No No Yes Yes No
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