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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the NFL quarterback rating as determined by information obtained 1979 NFL documentation. The formula factors are listed below. Enter all required data and click on Calculate to determine the quarterback rating and other statistics. See the newer version at Quarterback Passer Rating Calculator. This calculator is not longer in use by the NFL.

Football Calculator
Required Data Entry
Quarterback Pass Attempts
Quarterback Pass Completions
Total Passing Yards
Completed Touchdown Passes
Total Interceptions

Calculated Results
Average Pass Yardage
Completed Passes Percentage
Touchdown Passes Percentage
Intercepted Passes Percentage
Quarterback Rating
Version 3.2.6
These are the formula factors used in determining the statistics calculation:

1. Complete passes divided by pass attempts. Subtract 0.3 and divide by 0.2

2. Passing yards divided by pass attempts. Subtract 3 and divide by 4.

3. Touchdown passes divided by pass attempts and divide by .05.

4. Start with .095 and subtract interceptions divided by pass attempts. Divide that product by .04.

Add the sum of 1-4, multiply by 100 and divide by 6.

Average Pass Yardage = Passing Yardage / Completed Passes

Completed Passes Percentage = Complete Passes / Pass Attempts

Touchdown Passes Percentage = Touchdown Passes / Pass Attempts

Intercepted Passes Percentage = Intercepted Passes / Pass Attempts

Calculation Note: Sum of each step cannot be greater than 2.375 or less than 0.

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