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Pressure Corrected Boiling Temperature Of Water Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the barometric pressure corrected temperature at which water will boil. Often, similar information is given based on changes in altitude, which normally have a change in pressure. However, from day to day, barometric pressure changes, even at the same altitude. A common practice for many people that live at altitudes well above sea level is to set a base line calibration for a cooking (or any other) thermometer by checking the temperature against that of water boiling. Normally water boils at standard pressure of 29.92 inches of Mercury at 212°F. If you are at an altitude of 5,000 feet above sea level and wish to calibrate your thermometer using boiling water as the standard, the altitude adjusted cooking charts will tell you the boiling point of water at 5000 feet is 202°F. The problem arises if, for example, on any given day the barometric pressure is 30.05 inches of Mercury (Hg) at 5,000 feet above sea level, the correct boiling point for water is 212+°F. If your thermometer indicates 212° in boiling water, you will believe it to be 10° high. This means that if you are cooking a turkey or a roast to an internal temperature of 170°F within the meat, you will actually overcook by 10°. A more correct and consistent method to determine the correct boiling temperature of water, at a specific time, is to calibrate the thermometer at altitude but by using the barometric pressure at that time. Our calculator will allow you to do that. Enter the current barometric pressure, in inches of Mercury (Hg) or Millibars. Then click on Calculate. The pressure corrected boiling temperature will be given in degrees F and C. You may also wish to see our pressure corrected calculator, using a similar but newer, more widely accepted pressure formula for calculation; differences can occur in the second and third decimal places, though they are slight. You may also wish to see our pressure and altitude corrected calculator.

Required Data Entry
Local Barometric Pressure Inches Hg  Millibars 

Calculated Results
Pressure Corrected Boiling Temperature °F
Pressure Corrected Boiling Temperature °C
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