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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. PI is approximately 3.14, by historic definition, the number of times that a circle's diameter will fit around the circle. A new claim has been made by a retired zoology lecturer from Tirupati, India, that has been trying to find the "true value" of PI for about 40 years (as of this writing in late 2010). We have more than a working knowledge of math at higher levels but we choose to take no position on this. We are presenting it since we do have a large audience of math interestged vistors and viewers. I have read several postings about this on other math related sites and all that are "authorities" seem to feel that the foundation for his claim is not really solid and is flawed. If you are truly interested in such things, he has a book, "The untold story of THE TRUE VALUE OF Π". I am not suggesting that you go buy it. I am not even sure it is available in the USA. This is only presented for thought... We have created a scenario to point out the difference in using the conventional value of PI (or whatever YOU choose to be YOUR value of PI), and Mr. Reddy's New PI, to calculate and round off the value of the circumference of a circle. Enter the diameter, or use our default. Enter YOUR value of PI, or use our default. The first two Calculated Results are from the figures you have entered. The last two results are from your entered diameter, using the New PI. Sleep well! We are on the job!

His formula for calculating PI is:

(14 - √2) / 4) = PI

Circumference Calculation
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