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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script converts letters, numbers, .'s and -'s to the International Phonetic words used for clarity in telecommunications and general communications worldwide. This is generally used in radio communications, such as aviation, marine and ham applications, but there are other uses. This is also the accepted military means of clear communications. In the converter, enter the letters or characters that you want converted and click on Convert. You may also see the conversions in the Translation Table below. If you are taking the translation to another document, you may copy it to the Windows Clipboard by clicking on that button. You can them import it into any other document by using the clipboard in that application.

International Phonetic Converter
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Converted Results
The Converted Translation Is Below

International Phonetic Translation Table
Phonetic Alphabet
Alpha Kilo Uniform 0   Zero
Bravo Lima Victor 1   Wun
Charlie Mike Whiskey 2   Too
Delta November Xray 3   Tree
Echo Oscar Yankee 4   Fower
Foxtrot Papa Zulu 5   Fife
Golf Quebec .   Dot 6   Six
Hotel Romeo .   Decimal 7   Seven
India Sierra .   Stop 8   Ait
Juliet Tango -   Dash 9   Niner
International Phonetic Translation Table
Alternative Pronuciation
Letter Pronunciation Letter Pronunciation
A Alpha (AL fah) N November (no VEM ber)
B Bravo (BRAH VOH) O Oscar (OSS cah)
C Charlie (CHAR lee) P Papa (pah PAH)
D Delta (DELL tah) Q Quebec (keh BECK)
E Echo (ECK oh) R Romeo (ROW me oh)
F Foxtrot (FOKS trot) S Sierra (see AIR rah)
G Golf (GOLF) T Tango (TANG go)
H Hotel (hoh TELL) U Uniform (YOU nee form)
I India (IN dee ah) V Victor (VIK tah)
J Juliett (JEW lee ETT) W Whiskey (WISS key)
K Kilo (KEY loh) X X Ray (ECKS RAY)
L Lima (LEE mah) Y Yankee (YANG key)
M Mike (MIKE) Z Zulu (ZOO loo)

Note: The syllables printed in capital letters are to be stressed.

Updated 8.12.11

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