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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the earnings directional change values for monthly revenues, current month from previous month. This data is often used in any business and financial calculations, and for financial evaluations by CPAs and banks. This tool compares the current month, which may be more or less days, to the previous month by total revenue. The purpose is to show if your month has increased in daily performance over the previous month, stayed the same or decreased in performance. The monthly total revenue total is NOT an indicator of that! Valid entries for days in the month are only 28, 29, 30 and 31. The earnings are a finished current month total and the previous month's total revenue. Any dollar and cents amount is valid for the current earnings and previous earnings. Decimal fractions are legitimate for the days. Results are the differential of days between the current month and the previous month (negative if the previous month was larger), and the earned average daily rate of both the current and previous months. The default entry for the days of the current month is 31 and for the previous month is 30, and the default for the current earnings is $305.00 and $300.00 for the previous month. Our default data example shows that you can actually increase your month's revenue but have a decrease in daily performance. Just click on the Calculate button to see that data.

Required Data Entry
Days In The Previous Full Month
Days In The Current Full Month
Previous Month Earnings (dollars and cents)
Current Month Earnings (dollars and cents)

Calculated Results
Days Differential
Previous Earned Daily Average Rate
Current Earned Daily Average Rate
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