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Gross Income Tax Percentage Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. No, this does not calculate your taxes. This calculator is designed to give the percentage of the taxes paid and remaining dollars from your gross income revenue. This type of data is often used in business and financial calculations, as well as projections and "what-ifs" by CPAs and accountants. By definition, percentage is a fraction or ratio expressed as part of 100. To determine the paid tax percentage, divide the tax amount paid by the gross income amount. Dollars and cents are legitimate entries. Valid entries for gross income are from .01 to $1,000,000,000 (there is always hope...). Valid entries for tax paid are from 0 to the amount entered for the gross income. Results are the amount of money remaining after taxes, the percentage of taxes paid and the percentage of the balance left after taxes. The default entry for the gross income $50000.00 and the default for the taxes paid is $10000.00, you will need to adjust these to your own amounts.

Required Data Entry
Gross Income Dollars
Tax Paid Dollars

Calculated Results
After Tax Revenue
Paid Tax Percentage
Balance Percentage
Updated 8.17.11

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