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Op-Amplifier Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is structured to aid in the design and testing of op-amplifier circuits. Enter the appropriate resistance values for Ra and Rf, in ohms, in the data entry boxes. Enter the input voltage value for V1 in mVolts. Only the Differential Op-Amp requires the input voltage value of V2, also in mVolts. Click on the Calculate button to establish the values and to display the appropriate circuit. Clear Values will clear the display area but will keep the default values for you. You may change those as you wish. Click on Calculate after you have made any changes. Boxes not needed or with no results yielded will have ****NA**** in them. If any boxes in the results area are empty, click on Calculate to update vales since the last change of information.

Required Data Entry
Op-Amp Circuit Type
Value Of Ra Ohms
Value Of Rf Ohms
Value Of V1 mV
Value Of V2 mV

Calculated Results
Value Of Resistor Rb = Ohms
Value Of Resistor Rc = Ohms
Value Of Voltage Vout = mV
Value Of Voltage Vgain = mv
Value Of Decibles dBgain = dB
Circuit Window
Updated 8.15.11

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