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This calculator requires the use of JavaScript enabled and capable browsers. This program will calculate the amount of trim molding required for a standard opening, such as a window, door, electrical panel service box, swamp cooler, or wall air conditioning unit. It is assumed that trim molding (or as some people spell it in different areas... moulding) boards will be purchased in the lengths designated in the molding cost board length field. If the opening is a door (it only has three sides to trim), change the width quantity field to 1. The values returned are the number of trim molding pieces needed, the total length in inches needed (including cuts) and the total cost of the number of trim boards, based on your entry of trim molding pricing length and cost per board. To do another, click the Clear Values button and then enter a new set of values. You may also wish to just change certain fields and recalculate. Calculated accuracy of current JavaScript enabled browsers is generally 16 places, however, these results are rounded to make life easy.

Standard Molding Framing
Length Of Trimable Opening       Decimal Inches
Number Of Lengths To Be Trimmed       Quantity
Width Of Trimable Opening       Decimal Inches
Number Of Widths To Be Trimmed       Quantity
Width Of Trim Cut       Decimal Inches
Number Of Trim Cuts       Quantity
Width Of Trim Molding       Decimal Inches
Molding Cost Per Board $
Molding Cost Board Length    Decimal Inches

Calculated Results
   Trim Molding Length Required (Decimal Inches)
   Trim Boards Required (Quantity)
$ Cost Of Molding Required
Version 1.6.2

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