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This site has no direct relationship to the Missouri Lottery and is not a part of the Missouri Lottery system. We take no responsibility if you use this number selector and lose your wager. This calculator and number selector requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The selector below is for the Lotto game in the Missouri Lottery. Life has no guarantees and this has even fewer! We can't guarantee that this will let you "take it to the bank" but it is probably as good as any other method of selecting Lotto numbers and is based on some fairly good random selection routines. However, hope springs eternal! If you are into this sort of thing, you may also want to try our Missouri Lottery Show Me 5 Paydown Number Selector. To have the number selector select The Lucky Numbers for you, press the Missouri Lottery, Lotto Number Selector bar while keeping all your fingers and toes crossed. Good luck and don't forget to send us our percentage if you win...

To Play Lotto, pick two sets of six numbers between 1 and 44; or select Quick Pick and the computer will randomly generate two sets of six numbers. The minimum jackpot is $1 million. All Lotto prizes are pari-mutuel. Ticket holders may only win one prize category per set of 44 numbers and shall be paid the prize in the highest category won. Lotto prizes are 50 percent of sales. Players have 60 days after the winning draw date to choose the Annuity or Cash Option. The Annuity Option will be the automatic selection if no choice is made within 60 days. Overall odds of winning a prize are 1:20 for each $1 played. The cost is two plays (combinations) for $1. Drawings are Wednesday and Saturday at 6:57 p.m. You may play daily except during the draw break from 6:45-6:59 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday. Select "Multi-Draw" to play your numbers up to 15 consecutive drawings at one time. The Lotto game is one of many offered by the Missouri Lottery. If you have questions about any of them, see the Missouri Lottery WebSite. You can also see information on previous winners and jackpot sizes. The odds on selecting all 6 numbers are 1 in 3,529,526.

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