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Meridional Parts Navigation Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script allows calculation of the meridional parts used in the construction of Mercator charts and in Mercator navigational sailing for each minute of latitude from the equator to the poles. On the Earth's curved surface, the distance of a degree of longitude is about the same as a degree of latitude, only at the equator. That is about 60 nautical miles. The distance for a degree of longitude diminishes as it gets closer to either pole That is where all the surface meridians meet at a single point. The distance for a degree of latitude remains almost unchanged from the equator. Enter the latitude for which the meridional part is desired. Latitudes may be entered as decimal degrees by only filling in the degrees field, or as degrees and minutes, by entering the values in both fields. If you also need course and distance information, a more Detailed Meridional Parts Navigation Calculator is available.

Required Data Entry
Latitude Degrees
Latitude Minutes

Calculated Results
Calculated Meridional Parts
Rounded Calculation Value
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