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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script returns conversions for generally used long race distances, for humans or animals. It also computes the AVERAGE speed of the race in both miles per hour and kilometers per hour if you correctly enter the length of the race, and if the official time of the race is entered. Select the distance factor of the race and then enter the value of the factor. For instance, if the race is 26 and a quarter miles, select miles and enter 26.25 as the value. If the race is 50km, select kilometers and enter 50. Fractional parts of a factor should be give in decimal values. A table is given (below the calculator) for such entries. You may also use our Fraction To Decimal Calculator if you wish. Enter the Official time of the race in minutes and seconds. Click on the Calculate button for the results.

While this is designed for very long races such as marathons, bicycle races, cross-country events or even dog team events, such as the Iditarod, it works just fine with other forms of long distance racing as well, including automobile events. The important factors are the length of the race track or course and the official time. Since there are NO standards for distances or the time for timed events, we have included both American and metric options that we felt were probable. It also works for other forms of animal racing, such as (but not limited to) camels, pigeons, migratory fowl and birds. These are relatively long races, lasting for "a few hours or more up to many days". Editor's Note: We do NOT condone cruelty to animals and in no way is this provided for use in any form of animal cruelty. Please see our Horse Race Calculator.

Required Data Entry
Official Race Time days + hours + minutes +
seconds = total seconds

Calculated Results
Kilometers (km)
km / Hour Race Speed
Miles / Hour Race Speed
Fractional Equivalents

3/4 = .75 1/2 = .5 1/4 = .25
1/8 = .125 3/8 = .375 5/8 = .625 7/8 = .875
1/16 = .0625 3/16 = .1875 5/16 = .3125 7/16 = .4375
9/16 = .5625 11/16 = .6875 13/16 = .8125 15/16 = .9375

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