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Kilowatt Time And Load Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This powerful (pun intended) calculator is designed to calculate the load measured by your electricity power meter. All you need is an accurate watch or stop watch and the desire to observe the meter carefully. Calculating your power load with this calculator is easy! Energy passing through a power meter will cause the disk in an analog to rotate; the more energy, the faster the disk turns. As you would expect, the speed of the disk is directly proportional to the amount or quantity of energy (power) measured. Energy can be calculated with the following formula:

kW =(CT x VT x kh x Revs x 3600) / (Seconds x 1000)

All you need to do is enter the correct information. Prepare yourself by planning the following steps:

1. Determine the number of revolutions to be timed. The default is 1 disk revolution. You may change if you want to time more revolutions; more is more accurate.
2. Look at the face plate of the meter and find the kh (kilowatt hours) rating. Most residential meters are 7.2; that is our default.
3. CT and VT ratios are defaulted to provide a ratio of 1/1. If you have a meter multiplier you will need to enter the correct numerator in either or both of the ratios.
4. Enter the time in number of seconds that it takes to make the disk rotate the number of revolutions shown in step 1. We have made a default entry of 30 seconds but you will probably need to change it. Remember, this time is measured in seconds.
5. Click on Calculate and the energy in kW (kilowatts) is returned. This is a very close approximation that is as accurate as your measurements.
Follow the indicated steps and you will be able to quickly and accurately measure the load on any analog utility power meter (one with a turning disk). Solid state meters produce pulses instead of disk revolutions. Substitute the pulse weight of k or ke designated on the meter instead of kh. You may click on Clear Values and start over.

Required Data Entry
Time Load Calculator
Disk Revolutions
Kilowatt Hours Rating kh
CT Ratio / 5
VT Ratio / 1
Measured Time Seconds

Calculated Results
Calculated Power Used kW
Version 1.2.2

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