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Kentucky State Lotteries

Above is a list of number generators based on the Kentucky State lottery games. We have written and provided these for your use and convenience, and hopefully some luck. While we do not advocate gambling, these routines will pick lotto numbers for you. If you consider this as entertainment and play responsibly, we commend you. If however you HONESTLY feel that you ARE going to win one of these by spending more and more money to have more chances, we urge you to seek help since gambling is often an addiction. We don't even consider this gambling really, since the odds are so absurd. (Your chances of winning one of these are NOT very good! In fact, they are horrible!) We have not done the odds calculation on any of the lottery games but have posted them when the governing organization has made them known. (We have also posted an Odds Calculator so that YOU can figure them! We feel that our odds calculation is much closer to correct than many of the odds posted.) Play these types of games responsibly. We make no warranties as to your result of using any of these selectors. Please be aware that ALL of these are different and our selectors are based on the particular game indicated. Do NOT use a selector for the wrong game or for a similar game of a different state. Each game has specific rules for number selection. These have all had a rework to allow multiple selections to be placed on the clipboard for eventual printing, a single step selector and a stop button for the rolling number selector.

We are not involved with any of these organizations; we do NOT participate in any of the revenues. We don't benefit from you playing any of these games (and you probably won't either). Actually, we would suggest you "played" with our numbers pickers and never buy a ticket. Just save your money. However, that is up to you. Please consider it as entertainment and not your next paycheck. If you can't afford to lose what you are gambling, don't do it! We are always receptive to comments or suggestions you may have. Enjoy and good luck!

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