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Keyboard Entered Special Characters

Foreign language characters and other symbols listed below are accessable for occasional use for various functions by keyboard entry and by copy and paste actions. The preference is yours and each has both benefits and drawbacks. The symbols are made by depressing and holding one of the ALT keys and subsequently typing the indicated number sequence. It is imperative that you use the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard (check that Num Lock is on) UNLESS you have some sort of non-standard keybaord that allows the top numbers to be used as a substitute. For example: ALT + 0200 = √ą. The character appears subsequent to the Alt key being released. The table below can be open in a browser window for cutting and pasting. You may wish to see or use our HTML Character Entity Code Reference Table also.

Alt key + Four digits

¤    Alt+0164
†    Alt+0134
×    Alt+0215
÷    Alt+0247
‡    Alt+0135
±    Alt+0177
—    Alt+0151
–    Alt+0150
¶    Alt+0182
§    Alt+0167
ˆ    Alt+0136
˜    Alt+0152
«    Alt+0171
»    Alt+0187
¦    Alt+0166
‰    Alt+0137
©    Alt+0169
®    Alt+0174
™    Alt+0153

á    Alt+0225
à    Alt+0224
â    Alt+0226
ä    Alt+0228

å    Alt+0229
Á    Alt+0193
à   Alt+0195
Ä    Alt+0196
Å    Alt+0197

À    Alt+0192
æ    Alt+0230
Æ    Alt+0198
ç    Alt+0231
Ç    Alt+0199
ê    Alt+0234
é    Alt+0233
ë    Alt+0235
è    Alt+0232
Ê    Alt+0202
Ë    Alt+0203
É    Alt+0201
È    Alt+0200
ï    Alt+0239
í    Alt+0237

î    Alt+0238
ì    Alt+0236
Í    Alt+0205
Ì    Alt+0204
Π   Alt+0206
Ï    Alt+0207
ñ    Alt+0241
Ñ    Alt+0209
œ    Alt+0156
Œ    Alt+0140
ô    Alt+0244
ö    Alt+0246
ò    Alt+0242
õ    Alt+0245
ó    Alt+0243
ø    Alt+0248
Ó    Alt+0211
Ô    Alt+0212
Õ    Alt+0213
Ø    Alt+0216
Ö    Alt+0214
Ò    Alt+0210

š    Alt+0154
Š    Alt+0138
ú    Alt+0250
ü    Alt+0252
û    Alt+0251
ù    Alt+0249
Ù    Alt+0217
Ú    Alt+0218
Ü    Alt+0220
Û    Alt+0219
ÿ    Alt+0255
Ÿ    Alt+0159
ý    Alt+0253
Ý    Alt+0221
ž    Alt+0158
Ž    Alt+0142
ª    Alt+0170
Þ    Alt+0222
þ    Alt+0254
ƒ    Alt+0131
ß    Alt+0223
µ    Alt+0181
Р   Alt+0208

°    Alt+0176
º    Alt+0186
•    Alt+0149
„    Alt+0132

…    Alt+0133
¬    Alt+0172
¿    Alt+0191
¡    Alt+0161
¥    Alt+0165
£    Alt+0163
€    Alt+0128
¢    Alt+0162
¹    Alt+0185
²    Alt+0178
³    Alt+0179
½    Alt+0189
¼    Alt+0188
¾    Alt+0190
Alt key + Three digits
128 Ç 
129 ü 
130 é 
131 â 
132 ä 
133 à 
134 å
135 ç 
136 ê 
137 ë 
138 è 
139 ï 
140 î         
141 ì 
142 Ä 
143 Å 
144 É 
145 æ 
146 Æ 
147 ô 
148 ö 
149 ò 
150 û 

(Greek letters and
math symbols are
between 224 and 247)

151 ù 
152 ÿ 
153 Ö 
154 Ü 
160 á 
161 í 
162 ó 
163 ú 
164 ñ 
165 Ñ 
167 º 
168 ¿
248 °
250 · (smaller bullet)

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