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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Insert your HTML text into the text box by typing it or cut and paste. Then to convert it to JavaScript that is usable in an HTML document, click the 'Convert HTML -> JavaScript' button; the converted code will appear in the same box. The 'Clear Text' button will erase everything in the text box. The 'Select All' button will highlight and prepare the text to be placed onto the Windows Clipboard. You can either select Copy in the browser's controls or right click and select Copy with your mouse. This is written as a starting platform for a complex program to do very technical scripts. At present, it is foundational and the resulting script may require your intervention to finalize it. The script is based on the HTML you provide it. There is no error checking to test the validity of the HTML. Be sure that your HTML is correct and is of legal syntax. You may wish to also use some of the Code Generators we have available online.

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