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JavaScript Routine Creator Group 1 Converter

This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates a "ready to use" JavaScript routine to do a certain job. In any of the sections below, fill in your information, click on Try It, then click on Create Code to create the routine. You can cut or copy the routine from the data box at the bottom of the page, or you can paste it directly into the Windows Clipboard.

Alert Box

Alert Message:

Background Color

Background Color:

New Windows

URL for the window:


What the prompt says:


What the confirm says:


News Line 1:

News Line 2:

News Line 3:

News Line 4:

News Line 5:

News Line 6:

News Line 7:

News Line 8:

News Line 9:

News Line 10:

News Line 11:

News Line 12:

Status Message

What the status should say:

Background Fade

Starting color of the background:

Ending color of the background:

Calculated Results
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Updated 6.05.11

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