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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give related information to the International Price Index (IPI), often called the Import/Export Price Index. This is an inflation calculator for adjusting costs from one year to another using the International Price Index (IPI) inflation index. This inflation calculator is based on the average inflation index during the calendar year. This inflation calculator will compute inflation rates between 1982 and 2001. The International Price Program produces U.S. Export (XPI) and Import (MPI) Price Indexes, which are used much more frequently than the IPI. The export and import price indexes measure the transaction prices of goods and services exported from or imported into the United States. The majority of prices used in calculating import price indexes are quoted FOB (Free On Board) Foreign Port. This excludes duties, insurance and other extra charges to bring a good into the United States. The majority of prices used in calculating export price indexes are quoted FAS (Free Along Ship) U.S. Port. This includes inland freight, insurance and other charges to get the good to the carrier exiting the United States but not afterwards. The prices are quoted at national boundaries since the export and import price indexes' primary function are as deflators of the export and import volumes used in the U.S. national accounts figures. While the International Price Program prefers exit point price bases, point of origin or entry point price bases are used if they are the industry standard. We make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the government information. The IPI, calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is called a deflation/inflation indicator. The IPI is reported monthly (since 1987) by the government, however, it is often adjusted, as far back as several years based on new information.

To use the IPI Calculator, enter a cost, valued in your From (Base) year. Select both the From year and the To year for the calculation. Click on Calculate (or any other box) and the IPI information will be returned. You may change a value and recalculate or click on Clear Values to start over.

IPI Values Calculator
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