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Exercise Hydration Loss Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the approximate water losses from active exercise. Enter your before and after weight, less clothing. Click on Calculate and view the results. Compare them to the chart below.

Required Data Entry
Weight Before Exercise (No Clothing) pounds
Weight After Exercise (No Clothing) pounds

Calculated Results
Exercise Weight Loss pounds
Exercise Water Loss fluid ounces
Body Weight Loss percent
0% Normal heat regulation and performance
1% Thirst is noticed, thermoregulation during exercise is altered, performance degrades
2% Further decrease in thermoregulation, increased thirst, worsening performance
3% All factors negative increased, dry mouth thirst
4% Exercise performance cut by 25 to 40%
5% Headache, weakness, incoherent feeling, irritability, fatigue
6% Weakness, nausea, severe loss of thermoregulation
7% and above - Unhealthy and not suggested
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