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How Do I find the side of a cube if the volume is known?
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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This page and calculator are a combined answer to the question, "How do I find any side length of a cube if the volume is known?"

This question came to us from a young lady that was going to buy a storage chest that was in fact a CUBE and had a published volume of 27 cubic feet within. The side measurement was not disclosed, thus unknown, and she did not know if it would fit in the space she had. (This particular method will not work if the structure is NOT a cube.) The given factors are the volume and that the structure is a cube. Enter the volume and click on Calculate. The answer is the length of any side of the cube; it is also the cube root. To do your own calculation of a different cube volume, just change the volume and click on Calculate. In certain cases, as is the case with mainframes and minicomputers, our calculation of the cube root is a very close approximation. Enter the volume number and click on Calculate. You may click on Clear Values to do another.

Why and how? In most cases with any higher form of math, the way to start is to logically think out the problem and then determine the method (or A method) to resolve it. Simplify the process... In this case, we know that the structure is a CUBE. We know a volume. The formula for finding the volume of a cube is the side of the base, multiplied by the side length, multiplied by the side height; or any side cubed (S^3), since they are all the same. Since we know the volume already, we can reverse the operation and take the cube root of the volume.

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Updated 8.17.11

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