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Google AdWords Cost/Profit Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the projected cost and profit figures for Google AdWord initiated Internet sales. This data is often used in Internet business and financial calculations, and in projections by sales and marketing people as a different venue for sales otherwise not attainable. We have used some averages for clicks and conversions of items selling for $100.00 or less on the Internet. By definition, percentage is a fraction or ratio expressed as part of 100. To determine the clickthrough percentage, divide the number of clicks by the number of searches. For the conversion rate, divide the number of sales generated from clicks by the number of views (clicks). The price per click is a figure based on keywords by Google and averages are posted with Google AdWords; you are charged that amount by Google once in the program. The average profit per sale is a profit per item figure for all OTHER forms of marketing and is part of the cost of Internet marketing in general; the AdWords expense is in addition to those costs. Valid entries for the number of searches are whole numbers greater than zero (0); clickthrough rate percentage and page conversion rate percentage are numbers (decimal fractions are ok) from 0 to 100. Any positive dollar and cents amount is valid for the price per click and average profit per sale. Results are the anticipated number of views (clicks), the anticipated number of sales, the cost of those sales in total and for an individual sale, and the profit for an AdWord sale. The default entry for the number of searches is 20000, the clickthrough rate and the conversion rate are 1 percent (the conversion rate is a percentage of the clicks), the price per click is $.20 (20 cents) and the default for the average profit per sale is $30.00. Keep in mind that these hypothetical figures are based on averages and your figures WILL vary; some will vary considerably.

Required Data Entry
Number Of Searches
Clickthrough Rate (Percent)
Page Conversion Rate (Percent)
Price Per Click (dollars and cents)
Average Profit Per Sale (dollars and cents)

Calculated Results
Number Of Views (Clicks)
Number Of Sales
Cost Of Sales
Cost Per Sale
Profit Per AdWord Sale
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