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It is to determine the fuel mileage of a vehicle, based on miles driven and gallons of fuel used, and optionally, the direct fuel expense per mile, whatever the fuel is, measured in gallons. All entries should be numeric. The current odometer reading MUST be greater than the previous odometer reading. The calculator assumes that the tank was full when you recorded the Previous Odometer reading. If you know the exact number of miles since the last fill, you can enter it direct in the Trip Odometer field instead of Current and Previous data entries. The cost per gallon is the pump price you pay for a gallon of fuel. The answer is returned as a number of miles per gallon, miles since your last fill, based on your entries, and optionally, the direct fuel expense per mile and your approximate cost for the current fill. Click here for the metric version of this calculator. Enjoy!

Data Entry
Current Odometer Reading   
Previous Odometer Reading   
Actual Trip Odometer Reading Or Actual Miles   
Gallons Put In The Tank   
Optional Fuel Cost Per Gallon $
Calculated Results
Miles Traveled Since Last Fill Is    Miles
Your Fuel Mileage Is    Miles Per Gallon (MPG)
Your Fuel Direct Expense Is $ Per Mile
Your Fuel Fill Expense Is About $ This Fill

Updated 8.12.11

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