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This combination code generator and converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Our JavaScript Coded E-Mail Address Generator will create an encoded E-Mail address for use on web pages; it is used with or without the MAILTO tag. It is designed to slow down, or hopefully eliminate, the harvesting of E-Mail addresses from the web. Even though encoded, the name will diplay as normally visible to the page viewer but is not harvestable in most cases by robots.

Enter a normal E-Mail address, such as "johndoe@anywhere.com"; then click on the Convert button. Your encoded address will appear below. You can click on Test Code to verify exactly how the code generated in the box will appear on a page. Once satisfied, you can click on Copy Code To The Clipboard or manually highlight the code in the box; then paste in in place of where you would normally have the normal E-Mail address, replacing the EXACT letters you used to generate this code. We also have a decoder/reader for the addresses you make. We also have many other code generators available for your use on our HTML and JavaScript Code Generators page. Enjoy!

Required Data Entry
Standard Visible E-Mail Address
Converted E-Mail Address
Highlight and copy the Address Code below for your web page!

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