2002 Total Solar Eclipse Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator was designed to give critical information about the total solar eclipse of December 4th, 2002. Our calculations were correct and the eclipse was very visible in some parts of the world. Enter a latitude and longitude, and the approximate ground level (ASL) altitude in meters, into the fields below. (The default information is for our home, the area of Palm Springs, CA, though it will not experience the total eclipse.) Our calculator determined the times of the start and end of the eclipse that took place on the December 4th, 2002, applicable for that entered location. In the results section, an asterisk (*) appears beside the time if the sun is below the horizon at the time. Alt is the altitude of the sun above the horizon. Azi (azimuth) is the direction of the sun measured eastwards from North. P is the contact angle measured counter clockwise from the north point of the Sun's disk. V is the contact angle measured in a counter clockwise direction from the zenith (the highest) point of the Sun's disk. The magnitude of the eclipse is the calculated fraction of the diameter of the sun that is covered by the moon measured along the axis line that joins the centers of the sun and moon. For a total eclipse, the magnitude will be greater than one. Information displayed here is based on internationally published information. The calculator is still functional, although past the eclipse time.

Required Data Entry
Approximate Latitude    Degrees       Minutes   
Approximate Longitude    Degrees       Minutes   
Approximate ASL Altitude Meters Terrain Elevation
Calculated Results
Partial Eclipse Beginning
Total Eclipse Beginning
Eclipse Mid Point
Total Eclipse End
Partial Eclipse End
Eclipse Peak Magnitude
Moon And Sun Size Ration
Total Eclipse Duration
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