RS-232 DB25 Connector Information Table

This table is the pin information for the connector. This is the industry standard for RS-232 serial communications. You may also wish to see our detailed pin view of the DB9 connector.

DB-25M Function Abbreviation
Pin #1 Chassis/Frame Ground GND
Pin #2 Transmitted Data TD
Pin #3 Receive Data RD
Pin #4 Request To Send RTS
Pin #5 Clear To Send CTS
Pin #6 Data Set Ready DSR
Pin #7 Signal Ground GND
Pin #8 Data Carrier Detect DCD or CD
Pin #9 Transmit + (Current Loop) TD+
Pin #11 Transmit - (Current Loop) TD-
Pin #18 Receive + (Current Loop) RD+
Pin #20 Data Terminal Ready DTR
Pin #22 Ring Indicator RI
Pin #25 Receive - (Current Loop) RD-
RS-232 DB25 Male
Version 1.0.1

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