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Driveway Sealer Quantity And Cost Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Though it does intensive math calculations, it is a close estimator and enables the user to approximate the amount of sealer and coating required for a given driveway surface, based on parameters entered. THIS IS A COMPLEX CALCULATOR! Pay close attention to the instructions and options. It calculates the square footage of driveway surfaces requiring sealer, less that area occupied by surface drain grills. It assumes the average drain is 8 square feet; it also assumes that the driveway surfaces are generally flat. If your drains are smaller than that or larger than that, you may use fractions such as 1.5 or .8 in the drain grills field. It assumes that application sealer goes on at about 100 square feet per gallon and 70 square feet for base coating; you may change either or both if you wish. It also assumes surfaces are somewhat smooth but allows for texturing, such as roughness or secured gravel. It takes into consideration spraying, which takes slightly more sealer or coating than the alternatives, brushing or rolling, either of which requires roughly the same quantity of sealer and coating but less than spraying. It considers one or two application sealer coats and assumes no base coating. The algorithm for the base coat is slightly different based (no pun intended) on the different composition of base coating; it also allows for a different price. NOTE: The square footage of the surface is based on the entered actual measurements, but due to potential of odd sizes, can be estimated. All other square footage reporting is CALCULATED based on the engered surface size and the perceived rate of sealer and coating coverage determined by coverage options selected.

It also considers surface texture; standard texture is that of a similar appearance to a rough sand paper surface. Uncheck the default if the surface is very smooth. Rough and secured gravel type surfaces take up to 65% more sealer and coating for the same square footage as generally smooth surfaces. Because of the varied heights and depths of such surfaces, we consider it as more square footage since in reality, it is just that. If you wish to seal the surface and it is NOT smooth, check one box or the other; you may also check both boxes if you feel the surface is very porous or extremely rough, such as many cracks in the surface. Checking both will calculate a much higher square footage than actual but calculates very closely to the required quantity of sealer and coating. If you wish to use a base coat of a coating composition, check the base coat box. Enter the cost of the sealer per gallon for the application and for the base coating, if used; the total prices of the sealer and coatings required are calculated. You may also enter labor cost per hour and the estimated number of hours; or your may enter 1 hour and the prices estimate for the labor for the entire job. To do another, click the Clear Values button and then enter a new set of values. You may also wish to just change certain fields and recalculate; however, remember that you MUST click Calculate after each modification or group of modifications prior to seeing the corrected final values. Calculated accuracy of current Javascript enabled browsers is generally 16 places. Be aware that the surface square footage assumes square corners; you may have to extrapolate in such cases. The sealable square footage of the surface less drains, and has the selected options of coats and other increases or decreases in sealer quantity for it. It is actually the amount of calculated square feet for all of the conditions and determines the amount of gallons required.

Surface Design
Surface Width    Feet
Surfaace Length    Feet
Number Of Drain Grills   
Anticipated Sealer Coverage
Application Sealer Coverage Square Feet    Per Gallon
Base Coating Coverage Square Feet    Per Gallon
Applications Method
Brush Or Roll   
Number Of Sealer And Coating Applications
Include No Coating Layer   
Include 1 Coating Layer   
Costs Involved
Application Sealer Cost $ Per Gallon
Coating Cost $ Per Gallon
Sealer And Coating Labor Hourly Cost $ Per Hour
Sealer And Coating Labor Estimated Time # Hours
Surface Details
Include Standard Rough Texture Coveage
Include Secured Gravel Texture Coverage
Check Both Surface Boxes If Surface is Extra Rough

Calculated Results
Basic Surface Square Footage   
Basic Surface Coverage Square Footage   
Square Footages Below Are Calculated By Typical Options For Sealer/Coating Coverage
And Depict The NORMAL Square Footage That The Sealer/Coating Volume SHOULD Cover
It Is NORMAL For Those Calculations To Reach 2 Times The Surface Square Footage
Rounded Application Sealer Square Footage   
Rounded Base Coating Square Footage   
Calculated Application Sealer Square Footage   
Calculated Base Coating Square Footage   
Approximate Gallons Of Application Sealer To Purchase   
Approximate Gallons Of Base Coating To Purchase   
Calculated Gallons Of Application Sealer Required   
Calculated Gallons Of Base Coating Required   
Calculated Expense Of Application Sealer Required $
Calculated Expense Of Base Coating Required $
Calculated Expense Of All Coatings Required $
Calculated Expense Of Labor Required $
Calculated Total Expense Of This Driveway $
Updated 8.15.11

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