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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script gives runners and track officials the offset distances for a given lane on a multi-lane running track. From a position on the inside lane to a parallel point on the outside lane, there is a difference in distance. Therefore, a staggered start with different starting points yields a finish of the same distance for all lanes. Enter the designated length of the race, the lane number and the lane width (usually between 1.2 and 1.28 meters). Click on Calculate and the length of the lane will be returned. The lane offset is also returned as a difference value from the inner most point of the inside lane to the inner most point of that lane.

This is the logic and formulae involved in this calculation. L = 2S + 2pi(R + (n-1)w) where L = lane distance, S = length of the straight, R is the radius of the turn, n is the lane number and w is the width of the lane. Therefore the extra distance run in lane n for 1 lap is equal to 2S + 2pi(R + (n - 1)r) - 2S - 2piR, which when reduced is equal to 2pi(n-1)r. The total distance run is (N(designated race length + 2pi(n - 1)r). The track distance formula for each lane equals the (designated race length) + (( 2 * pi) * (track lane number - 1) * track lane width).

Required Data Entry
Race Length
Number Of Laps (For The Race Length)
Designated Lane Number
Each Lane Width Meters

Calculated Results
Lane Distance Meters
Lane Offset Distance Meters
Version 1.6.5

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