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This converter requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator determines the distance between a given set of coordinates (latitude and longitude), designated as a city in our program since they are relatively easy to find the values for (however it could be ANY set of points) and the coordinates of a storm as given by your local weather service or the national weather service. Get Your Latitude and Longitude by zip code here at our Zip Code lookup, or at U.S. Gazetteer. Determine and enter the latitude and longitude of a location and a storm to find the distance between the two. If you use the information we have provided in our zip code lookup, the longitude information is designated as - to differentiate between East and West. This calculator does not need or want the - sign.

Required Data Entry
Lat:  oN
Lon: oW
Lat:  oN
Lon: oW

Calculated Results
Distance Between Miles
Version 2.4.2

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