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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script determines the displacement of the engine by two methods; selecting the engine to get the geometry of the configuration, or by the geometry to get the engine. You may select the engine manufacturer and designation to get the exact parameters. You may then play with the various components until you get the information you desire or you may just fill in the various fields to get the size you desire. Entry for bore and stroke is in inches. The default for the number of cylinders is 8 but that is also open for change. Displacement is given in cubic inches, liters and CCs. Most Chevy V8s, Chrysler V8s and some Ford, Buick, Olds and Pontiac V8s are in the database as of this time; not all are covered but the most popular are in place. There will be more, including 4s, 6s and non-American made vehicles. BV8 is the indication of the Big Block or Large Block designation by the company or general industry recognition. SV8 is the indication of the Small Block designation. TV8 indicates that it was originally a truck motor. FE is a Ford engine designation. There are no diesel engines in the database at present. B is a Chrysler wedge engine designation; H is a hemi designation. E is early, M is mid-life, L is late production. Fords cover most vehicles such as Ford, Mercury and Lincoln. Chrysler covers Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and some Jeeps. Chevy covers many GM vehicles since the late 70s. There are only V8s in the database at present, however the calculator will work for any size or type of engine.

Engine Displacement Calculator

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Updated: 8/3/11

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