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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. CTR is an acronym that stands for Click Through Rate. This calculator is designed to give the ACTR, (Advertising CTR), the rate-percentage on page views vs. the click throughs of a given advertisement. From an advertiser's perspective, CTR is a useful way to determine the effectiveness of a given ad. It is calculated by dividing total clicks (often called "click throughs") by the number of impressions, expressed in percentage. Advertisers pay for the number of clicks (CPC - Cost Per Click, or PPC - Pay Per Click) but often pay for impressions (pageview on an ad) on the ad alone (CPM or Cost Per Impression). Knowing the CTR is critical for pricing an ad in both CPC and CPM situations. A higher CTR will always mean higher priced ad space.

Required Data Entry
Validated Ad Clicks Clicks
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Updated 8.15.11

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