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Instructions: All operations and functions placing characters into the display window can use the screen displayed keys or corresponding keys on the keyboard of your computer; just click on the display window prior to entering characters from the keyboard. The number keys 0 through 9 are for data entry, as is the decimal button. The other keys are function keys and operational keys. Operations: + is to add, - is to subtract, * is to multiply and / is to divide, while % yields a percentage (multiplies the answer in the display window by .01, the same as dividing by 100). Functions: +/- is to negate the answer. (Negation is the process of multiplying any number by -1.) The = key gives a final answer. C clears all operations and the answer area is reset to 0, while <— clears only the previous keystroke entry; it is the equivalent of backspace on the keyboard. The operational key acts on what is displayed with the number entered after it. For instance, to multiply 5 by 2: click 5, click *, click 2, click =, for the answer 10. Functions: M1 for Memory 1 and M2 for Memory 2; R1 for Recall 1 and R2 for Recall 2; SCINOT to convert to scientific notation, and NOSCIEN to convert from scientific notation. SIN is for the Sine, COS for the Cosine, TAN for the Tangent, COTAN for the Cotangent and LOG for the Logarithm of a number. PI is for a usable display of PI. Equation yields the resolution of a simple equation for a single variable. Fraction for the conversion of fractions. Round yields rounding to the closest integer. SR is for the square root of a number. Powers functions are ^2 for the cube of a number, ^3 is for the cube of a number, and X^Y for any number to any power. NaN is an indication of an error in input or calculation; do the process again paying close attention to your input. You may cut and paste or copy and paste an answer into ANY other program.

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