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UNIX Server CHMOD Calculator

This utility is used to calculate permissions for files used on UNIX servers. Normally, it is used in conjunction with an FTP operation.

CHMOD refers to the actual setting of the access permissions for a file. The two most common settings are 755 and 777. CHMOD 755 is a read and execute permission. Owner, Group, and Other. Each column should have 3 check boxes below them, one each for read, write, and execute. In the first column, the owner, check all three boxes; that will yield a 7. In the second column, the group, click the first and third boxes, read and execute. Finally, the last column, the other, the first and third boxes should be checked. CHMOD 777 is a do everything permission. All three boxes in each of the three columns should be checked.

Chmod Calculator
Permission Owner Group Other

Version 1.3.1

A combination of:
    u user (file owner)
    g group
    o others
    a all (same as ugo)
Permissions are:
    = assigned
    + added
    - subtracted
A combination of:
    r read
    w write
    x execute
or one of the following
to copy permissions:
    u user
    g group
    o other
or, to set user id:

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