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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to show the representative speeds of download actions based on the Internet connection method and speed.

Download Speed Values Calculator
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Calculated Speed Results
Anticipated Download Time
Internet Connection Hours Minutes Seconds
1.2 Kb
2.4 Kb
9.6 Kb
14.4 Kb
19.2 Kb
28.8 Kb
33.6 Kb
56 Kb
ISDN (64 Kb)
ISDN (128 Kb)
256Kb Std. DSL
384Kb Avg. DSL
512Kb Good DSL
896Kb Fast DSL
1024Kb XFast DSL
1.544Mb T1
2.0Mb Low Cable
3.0Mb Med. Cable
4.0Mb High Cable
44.736Mb T3
Updated: 7/15/11
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