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Cricket Chirp Temperature Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script allows for the estimated temperature calculation in Fahrenheit and then conversion to Celsius, Kelvin, Réaumur, and Rankine. This is based on an old Southern hunting and fishing rumor that says that you can tell the number of degrees (Fahrenheit) based on the number of cricket chirps in 5 seconds, and the season of the year. Enter the number of cricket chirps (on average) that you can hear in 5 seconds. The average should be based on at least 10 samples. Then select the season and click enter. The calculated value is Fahrenheit and we converted the other values for you. Keep in mind that this is all hypothetical. In doing my due diligence, I did test it and found it to be pretty close in non-extreme conditions. However, if you don't have crickets around you, you may have to rely on the reliability of The Weather Channel. (Oh my...)

Being born and raised in the South, I had heard this many times. When I got a request to do this, I did the research and though we are not MythBusters, we do try to please our public. Try as I might, I could not verify that Southern crickets chirp with a drawl... Part of our research information came from the "Cricket thermometers," Field & Stream, July 1993, Vol. 98 Issue 3, p21. We have refined the formula but the thought process is the same general thing.

If you would like to experiment with temperature conversions, try our converter that covers all these scales; or our less word intense version. If you are like most people and are only interested in Fahrenheit and Celsius, try our most popular temperature converter.

Required Data Entry
Chirps In 5 Seconds Chirps

Calculated Results
Calculated Temperature ° F
Converted Temperature ° C
Converted Temperature Kelvin
Converted Temperature Rankin
Converted Temperature Réaumur
Updated 8/15/11

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