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CPU Clocking Calculator

This calculator requires the use ofJavascript enabled and capable browsers. This script is designed to calculate the BIOS settings for the Soyo Dragon Ultra motherboard and similar motherboards to assist in overclocking processes. Be aware that overclocking can be lethal to CPUs, memory or the motherboard itself. Not all combinations of calculations are possible on all boards.

For the use of the calculator, speeds depicted are in megahertz (MHz).

PC2100 RAM (2.1 Gb/sec) is rated at 133 Mhz
PC2700 RAM (2.7 Gb/sec) is rated at 166 Mhz
DRAM speed in MHz = 1000 ÷ speed in NSecs (1000 / 7.5NS = 133MHz)
DRAM speed in NSecs = 1000 ÷ speed in MHz (1000 / 166MHz = 6NS)

Any change to any field creates the calculated data changes to any other fields. You may however, click on Calculate to do the operation.

All Field Values Modifiable
Required Data Entry And Results
CPU Speed Settings
CPU Clock Clock Multiplier CPU Speed
Bus Speed Settings
CPU:DRAM Ratio DRAM Speed FSB Rating

Updated 8.17.11

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