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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is to determine various aspects of wholetail cost plus pricing and values. In our calculator below, first select the one option of the group of the two possible known data selections. (You will need to enter the values of the option you select.) Each of the two options will select and check two of the second three options that REQUIRE your data entry in order to calculate the other field. The required entry fields will have a check beside them. Do NOT enter data in the unchecked field. After entering your data, click on the Calculate Values button to return the calculated values, based on the criteria you have entered. After doing one calculation you may do another by clicking on the Clear And Reset Values button. The default method is dollar value markup from wholesale; the default required entries are the wholesale cost price and dollar markup value amount. Wholesale cost price is the cost to buy the product by you, including your overhead cost percentage. Dollar markup value is the addon factored amount expressed in actual dollars. Percentage markup is the factored amount expressed as a percentage of the wholesale cost price. In our calculator, the term wholesale cost refers to the purchase cost of the product, plus your overhead percentage factor.

Select One Of The Two Required Values Options
  Wholesale Cost Price + Dollar Value Markup
  Wholesale Cost Price + Percentage Markup
Enter Data In The Two Checked Options
   Wholesale Cost Price  $ 
   Dollar Value Markup  $ 
  Percentage Markup  % 

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