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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give a reasonably accurate model of software project cost estimating the number of man months required for the development. The model also estimates the development schedule in months and approaches a reasonable schedule distribution by major phases. This is the very basic construction cost model which is applicable to the large majority of software projects. For very large projects or detail specific projects, this model would be an Alpha revision. This model is sufficient for rough order of magnitude estimates of software costs, but its accuracy is somewhat limited because of its lack of detail factors to account for items such as differences in hardware constraints, staff quality and experience, use of modern tools and techniques, and other project attributes known to have a possible or probable significant impact on costs.

This model estimates cost using one of three different development modes; by our definition they are internal, structured and restricted. In the internal mode, relatively small and intimate software teams develop software in a highly familiar, in-house environment. Most people connected with the project have extensive experience in working with related systems within the organization, and have a thorough understanding of how the proposed system under development will contribute to the overall organization's objectives. Very few internal-mode projects have developed products with more than 50 thousand (50,000) delivered source instructions (KDSI). The structured mode of software development represents an intermediate stage between the internal and restricted modes. Intermediate may imply either (or both) of two things further defined. An intermediate level of project characteristics is for all practical definitions, a mixture of the internal and restricted mode characteristics. The size range of a structured mode product generally extends up to about 300 KDSI; it is larger and more complex than internal. The major distinguishing factor of an restricted-mode software project is a need to operate within tight constraints and restrictions. The product must operate within (is restricted within) a strongly coupled but confining complex of hardware, software, regulations, and operational procedures, such as an electronic funds transfer system or an air traffic control system.

Software Cost Model Calculator
Software Cost Model Required Data Entry
Delivered Source Instructions (thousands) (KDSI)
Development Mode
Average Cost Rate ($/PM)
KDSI added (annual)
KDSI modified (annual)
Average Cost Rate ($/PM)

Model Results
Effort man-months (PM)
Schedule months
Development Cost  
Productivity instructions per man-month
Average Staffing full-time-equivalent software mannel
Annual Maintenance Effort Man-months
Annual Maintenance Cost  
Phase Distribution Results
Designation Effort (PM) Schedule (mo.) Staff (avg.) Cost
Plans and requirements
Product Design
Detailed Design    
Code and unit test    
Integration and test
Activity Distribution (Staff) by Phase Results
Activity Plans and Requirements Product Design Programming Integration and Test Maintenance
Requirements Analysis
Product Design
Test Planning
Verification and Validation
Project Office
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