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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to allow addition or subtraction of angle units of degrees, minutes and seconds. It works with geometric angles and navigational angles. Calculate up to eight groups of measurements at a time by placing a value in one or more of the fields in a group. All totals fields are vertically accumulating buckets and will roll into the next total field if applicable. For instance, 60 seconds is the equivalent of 1 minute; 60 minutes is the equivalent of 1 degree. If you add 59 seconds and 1 second, it will total to 1 minute. Insert a positive number to add and a negative number to subtract; no sign is considered positive. The totals process adds up each of the three fields in each of the 8 groups and gives totals for all three fields vertically. Click on Calculate to determine the total values for each field header.

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