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This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to calculate and determine any of the parts of a compound interest financial contract; the formulae for those optional calculations are below. This calculator supports the first 3 of them. Select what you want to calculate then enter the values in the respective rows (but no entry in the field you want to calculate) and click Calculate. If you select Time for the calculation, it is ALWAYS returned in years and fractions of years. In the case of unusual compounding, it is possible to go beyond the ability of this calculator. If you wish to enter a fraction of a year, you must have a leading number. For instance, 1.5 years is valid and 0.5 years is also. However, .5 years is not.

Formulae for the optional calculations...
Interest = Principal(1+(Rate/100))n Annual
Interest = Principal(1+(Rate/200))2n Semi-Annual
Interest = Principal(1+(Rate/400))4n Quarterly
Interest = Principal(1+(Rate/100))years * (1+(fraction(Rate/100))) Annual and fraction
Interest = Principal(1+(Rate1/100))*(1+(Rate2/100))*(1+(Rate3/100)) Different Annual Rate
Principal = (Interest * 100) / (Rate * Time)
Rate / year] = Interest * 100) / (Principal * Time)
Time = (Interest * 100) / ( Principal * Rate)

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Principle (P) Dollars
Rate (R) % Per Annum
Time (T) Units
Interest (I) Dollars

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