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Intel Centrino Mobile Processor Speed Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the approximate Intel GHz equivalent value for Centrino M processors and the approximate Centrino M processors a standard gigahertz value. The Centrino M processor is designed as a true mobile processor that when embedded in a comptuer that properly handles power and yeild up to 4 hours longer while on battery than conventional processors. This Centrino M designation has been an ongoing source of confusion since it implies a much slower processing speed number than the equivalent Intel processors of conventional design. This calculator clears that misnomer. Enter either the Centrino mobile processor designation (CM) value and click on Calculate or enter the actual processing speed in gigahertz and click on Calculate. The opposite value will be returned. You may click on Clear Values to do another.

Intel indicates that there is no direct relationship from one type of processor to the other, and that comparing the two is very much like comparing apples to oranges. This is the approximate value that we have seen in actual first hand use and is neither approved or denied by Intel's Centrino division. The formula is derived by us and should be ONLY used as an approximate value.

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