Cable Capacitance Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. Use this calculator to estimate the capacitance from one wire to all other wires in your cable. This calculator takes into account your fixturing length, cable length, and the presence of shields and will return an estimate of the capacitance a test will see from one wire to all other wires in the cable under test.

Phase 1 - Estimate the Capacitance
Units of Measure  All lengths in

Your Fixturing
Estimated capacitance of fixture wiring is ___ pF/Foot (wire to wire capacitance).

Total length of fixturing connected to target wire   Feet (usually 2x the fixturing length between the DUT and tester)

Estimated Capacitance of Fixturing:___ pF

Your Device Under Test  Target wire is  
Other wires in cable/bundle  
Estimated capacitance is ___ pF/Foot (target wire to all other wires).
Total length of wire   Feet 
Estimated capacitance of this wire net:___ nF
Estimate of Total Capacitance    __________
Estimated combined fixture and DUT capacitance:__ nF

Phase 2 - Estimate Hipot Safety
Hipot Safety Information 

DC Hipot Information

For testers that limit hipot energy and charge the highest DC voltage that might be intrinsically safe is ___ Volts.

AC Hipot Information

AC hipot frequency

Total AC Current
Test VoltagemA AC RMSmA PeakIntrinsically Safe?
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