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Capacitance Calculator For Plate And Rolled Capacitors

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of the calculator is to determine the capacitance value of both plate and rolled capacitors needed for the circuit's coil. Enter any legal values for the dielectric constant (see our table) of the material used, the area of a plate, the distance between the plates and the number of plates. The material is most often glass. Click on Calculate to get the results. A sample of 10, 10 square inch area, 1 inch separation and 10 plates yield plate cap capacitance of 0.00020160000000000002 Mfd. and rolled cap capacitance of 0.00040320000000000004 Mfd.

Coil Theory
Required Data Entry
Dielectric Constant
Area Of A Plate Square Inches
Distance Between Plates Inches
Number of Plates
Calculated Results
Plate Cap Capacitance Mfd
Rolled Cap Capacitance Mfd

Version 2.2.2

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