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BreakOut Simulation

This calculator requires the use of Java and Javascript enabled and capable browsers. It is patterned after the old arcade classic game BreakOut with nice sound effects, and several user customizable options. It requires planning and hand and eye co-ordination in order to beat the computer. Moving your mouse will move the paddle. The default conditions are a good test of your skills; you may wish to adjust the parameters until you become familiar with the game. The background and paddle color can be changed by clicking Change Color; depending on the level, you may find it easier to view by doing that. The paddle size, the ball size, the number of blocks in the window and the speed of the ball are all options that you can change. Parameter adjustments and information about the game are displayed on the right side of the screen; time in play is at the top of the display. You may pause the game at any time by clicking on the Pause button. Start or restart the game by clicking Resume. The entire game window fits perfectly into an 800 x 600 resolution display. The actual play window will fit into a 640 x 480 window. The loading process, depending on your Internet connection, can be lengthy but once loaded, all operations are memory bound and not dependent on your connection speed. Good Luck and Enjoy! (Your game experience will be more enjoyable with a current generation browser. If you have an older browser and your computer is capable of running current versions, you might want to get a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. We prefer IE but we have supplied both links.)

You don't have java enabled! Why don't you get a current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape.
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