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Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator determines the percentage of alcohol in your bloodstream, based on your weight, the amount and strength of alcohol consumed and the time elapsed since beginning to consume it. Enter the total quantity of fluid ounces of what you have consumed, with the exception of mixed drinks and coolers. A beer is usually 12 ounces, a glass of wine is about 4 ounces, a mixed drink is usually 2 ounces of alcohol, coolers are usually 6 ounces of wine. Then enter your weight in pounds; close will do. Enter the percentage of alcohol in the beverage; near beer is less than 2 percent, beer is about 4.5 percent, wines are about 20 percent (including coolers) while whiskey is from 30 to 70 percent alcohol. Finally, enter the amount of elapsed time since you STARTED to drink the alcohol, in hours. All entries are numeric and on all, you may enter a decimal fraction.

Required Data Entry
Quantity Of Alcohol Consumed Fluid Ounces
Alcohol Content Percentage
Your Weight Pounds
Time Since Starting To Drink Hours

Blood Alcohol Level Percentage
Blood Alcohol Level Analysis
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