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Balance Sheet With Liquidity Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This balance sheet calculator is designed to give a reasonably accurate portrayal of business liquidity (though it will work for personal use as well), based on your data entry. Enter the data into each field. All assets are totaled as are all debts. The debts are subtracted from the assets to give a net position and liquidity ratio status. While the formulae used in this are correct, we strongly advise that you seek the help of an accounting professional. Use this program at your own risk as it is only as good as the information entered into it. An error of NAN is generally one indicating something other than a number was entered into a field or enough data has not been entered for an accurate calculation.

Balance Sheet Calculator
Required Data Entry

     Current Assets
1. Cash In General Checking $
2. Accounts Receivable $
3. Inventory $
4. Prepaid Expenses $
5. Other Cash $
6. Securities $
7. Other $
TOTAL Current Assets $
     Fixed Assets
1. Equipment $
2. Building $
3. Furniture & Fixtures $
4. Other $
5. LESS: Accumulated Depreciation $
TOTAL Fixed Assets $
     Other Assets
1. Goodwill And Name $
2. Non-Compete Agreements $
3. LESS: Accumulated Amortization $
NET Other $
4. Deposit $
5. Other $
TOTAL Other Assets $
     Current Liabilities
1. Accounts Payable $
2. Accrued Salaries Payable $
3. Payroll Taxes Payable $
4. Other Accrued Liabilities $
5. Current Portion Of Long Term Debt $
6. Other Debt $
TOTAL Current Liabilities $
     Long Term Debt
1. Net of Current Portion $
     Capital Account
1. Net Capital Account $
Calculated Results
Total Current Assets $
Total Current Liabilities $
Net Position $
Liquidity Ratio :1
Version 2.9.9

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